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Simplify the Meal Prep

Sometimes Meal Prep just means gathering the freshest and most simple ingredients! 💚

One of my favorite things about Summertime in the South is all the fresh beautiful and big flavored veggies that Mother Nature simply hands us!

Yes, I come from where Tomato Sandwiches are a Summer Staple, but a fresh homegrown or farm fresh tomato needs no bread or burger to showcase it's beauty and sweetness! These babies are the star of any show. Add just a little bit of fresh Basil, Oregano or Thyme, a little salt & pepper, maybe even a dash of vinegar and you have a dish you can eat with your eyes and a discerning palate in minutes!

Summer Salads are the best! I am admittedly someone who loves a Hot Dinner, always have. Warm and Cozy dinners help me wind down my day and get settled in for sleepy time, but in the Summer when it's in the 90s and the humidity seems to linger around 98%, cold is Gold!

Not only do I love Summer Salads, both traditional salads and ones like this Tzatziki "Pasta" Salad, but they are packed full of amazing nutritional benefits! I love eating Raw in the Summer! Salads like this one, there's no cooking involved, just chopping and tossing! The cool crunch of raw veggies, enhanced by Fresh Herbs and all their micronutrients! The flavor in this is so big you could pair it with a protein of enjoy it alone! This Salad keeps in a sealed container, refrigerated for about 3 days!

My husband works outside, so when he gets home

he really loves a cold crunchy dinner to revive him and help him to recover from the heat! Dinner Salads have become our go-to for Summer Nights!

On Sunday I use a couple of Meal Prep containers and fill them with washed and chopped veggies; everything any of my people like! Then at dinner time I pull them out and fill everyone's bowl or plate with a mix of lettuce and super greens and let them choose all their "decorations." They love to create and when they make their own, I am usually very successful at getting them to try new things and clean their plates! This is exactly how I have ended up with 4 out of 6 with Beets and Artichoke hearts on their plate every time! Not to mention, it makes Dinnertime mighty easy for me! ;)

Cheers and Happy Meal Prepping!

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