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Buffalo Shrimp Salad - Whole 30

I don't always work this hard to make a salad look like a rainbow, but after I tasted these Grilled Buffalo BBQ Shrimp, I knew it needed something special to showcase THAT flavor! 😜 Not to mention, all those Summer Veggies are ripe and at the ready and when you are using so many low glycemic goodies, you might as well pack em in! 🤷🏻‍♀️

A bed of Iceberg, topped with Super Greens to start. Then rows of Sliced Leeks, Clover Sprouts & Colorful Cherry Tomatoes, Hard Boiled Egg, Whole 30 Approved Pederson Farms Bacon Crumbles, Purple Onion & Purple Cabbage, sprinkled with Fresh Cilantro & Primal Kitchen Foods Ranch Dressing. But the star of this Show, those Buffalo Shrimp! Fresh Local Shrimp marinaded for 10 minutes in The New Primal Hot BBQ Sauce, then Grilled on a hot grill until pink and tossed with a little more sauce, post grill, for an extra kick before placing them Center Stage 🙌🏼.

This Salad is totally Whole 30 Approved! Find the New Primal Hot BBQ Sauce & Primal Kitchen Ranch Dressing at Whole Foods! Primal Kitchen Dressings also available on Thrive Market!

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