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I am Deanna, it's actually pronounced "Deena," but with the chosen spelling I get all kinds of things. ;)    

Blessed to be a Stay at Home Mom of 4 supertastic children, I have a first born son followed less than 20 months later by triplet girls!   I'm just like every Mom out there, working overtime to keep life running as smoothly as any family of 6 can.

I am an admitted control freak and obsessive list maker, an organizational addict and compulsive neat freak - learning to let go because, well kids!

Kitchen Creation has been a great love of mine since childhood when my Mom, would let me in the kitchen to "concoct."  I have loved creating and testing my own recipes my whole life! But, when I became pregnant, food became fuel to build those little bodies strong and healthy!  That's when my love & knowledge of Nutrition and how to make food both delicious and properly macro balanced began! 

Teaching healthy habits, a positive relationship with food, a love for our bodies and knowledge of how to fuel them is very important to me as a Mother and as a lover of Wellness!


My calm is on the boat.  I am a type A, who has been know to weigh her food, in order to figure out the macros down to the gram.  But, when it's my Grass Fed Friday Night Burger...there are definitely NO scales in sight!  Some days are for pure and uninhibited indulgence!

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