getting your head in the game

👍Getting Your Head in the Game 
Sunday prep isn't just about the chopping and portioning- there's So much more to it! 
⏰I like to think of it as a little extra time invested on my terms, when I choose to fit it in, not when life demands it! Let's face it, we all plan better when we are Proactive, because if we are forced to Reactive, the answers aren't always the same!  
👉time in on Sunday when the living is easy, so much gained back Monday - Friday when the 😣stress work and the 🤔guesswork is a little bit more complicated!
I hope this gives you a little window into why this Meal Prep Momma never misses her Sunday Prep!


on the Grill

Coming off an indulgent week? Ready to get back on track but needing to ease in? 
This is one of the Easiest and Most Versatile meal preps I have done in a while! The possibilities are endless and it's totally customizable to your likes/dislikes and dietary restrictions! You can keep it all vegetarian, add in a quick Pressure Cooker Pot of Quinoa to amp up the protein game! Or Add in some fish, or Chicken while you already have that grill HOT, like we did! 
☀️Instead of my normal meal prep, we gathered a Summer Bounty of veggies and roughly chopped them, tossed with olive oil and hung out by the grill, tossing the ball with the kids and playing in the yard, while we grilled them all up! 
🍆 Nothing fancy, just some olive oil, letting those Summer Veggies be the stars! 
🔥Only about 10 minutes time, washing/chopping/marinade mixing and the rest was family time outside! It was awesome, easy and at the ready for yummy combos!
-Eggplant Pizzas
-Eggplant Fajitas
-Veggie Platter w/ Chicken
-Veggie Platter w/ Steak
-Veggie Quesadillas

-Grilled Stir Fry over Cauliflower Rice w/ a drizzle of Balsamic Reduction
-They make a great addition to salads
-Not pictured -> Grilled Veggies over Pressure Cooker Quinoa & Zucchini Roll-Ups with Goat Cheese & Marinara


working smarter not harder

Meal prep doesn't have to be an all day affair; it doesn't even have to be intense or complex! In fact, I find that I am most successful when it is an accumulation of very simple items!  My go-tos are simply roasted veggies, slow cooker meat dishes, fast pressure cooked items, or easily grilled proteins (while the kids enjoy fresh air). 


The real key is to prepare these simple dishes simultaneously to maximize efficiency and minimize the time you spend! I like to employee my slow cooker & pressure cooker, fill up my oven and get my husband working the grill all at once! While I have my appliances doing the work, I use that time to chop, prep and portion out these other items I need! If you create your meal plan to include something catered to using each of these appliances, you can cut your time way down, and turn out tons of healthy options of the week! 

Creating Healthy Habits
Roast Up Veggies
Olive Oil + Bake at 425F until tender
Sunday Primal Meal Prep
Meal Prep Containers
Sunday Prep + 8 Lunchboxes
Greek Anti-Pasta + Tuna
Roasted Veggies + Instant Pot Eggs
Snacks for the Week
Lunchboxes - Chicken Salad
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Making Healthy Habits Fun & Family Friendly

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