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start them young

Teaching healthy habits, a positive relationship with food, a love for our bodies and knowledge of how to fuel them is very important to me as a Mother and as a lover of Wellness!  

Too often we see kids making unhealthy choices that leave them unsatisfied and reaching for more and more empty food to fill a gap! If we give them better options and the knowledge on nutrition from an early start, they are equipped to make much better choices, which will hopefully stay with them! I have found that giving them an understanding of what a protein/fat/carbohydrate is, and what it does for our body enables them to understand they Whys of Nutrition! Sure, they have pizza and cupcakes, empty items will always be available to them and they have to learn the ability to balance, just like we do!  So, we talk the science of it all and bring them into the kitchen daily!  These are seeds planted that will bloom for a lifetime! What could be a more important habit?

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