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SuperSpud - Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

Talk about super simple and totally versatile! Last night’s dinner was a Winner!!! Super simple thanks to my Instant Pot and meal prep! 😉

I simply steamed these sweet potatoes in the Instant Pot, (16 minutes) then sliced them open, gently scooped out the meat and mixed with several leftover items in the fridge, then popped back in the oven for a second quick bake and topped with green onions! . Anything will work here! It’s also a great Vegan option!! 😉 and they were delicious!!

We had some leftover roasted onions and mushrooms, then I wilted a whole container of spinach and stirred that in. We also had a tiny piece of Petite Tender left from Sunday dinner, so I diced that up and tossed it in too! And....there might have been a teensy bit of cheese! ;)

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