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Getting Back On Track - On the Menu This Week!

I think I have Summered a little too much...well....A LOT too much! It's been one thing after the other the last month or 2 and it seems that every time I get it together, I drop it in the mud! Sometimes it's my fault for letting go, sometimes it's completely out of my control. All the planning and prep in the World can't possibly make up for life every time! I let it get the best of me and really beat myself up, but that doesn't solve anything! So, face forward, progress not perfection! I know what to do to right the ship, I have the tools and the knowledge - here goes!

Here is my menu for this week, along with prep tips and a few pics! I hope it helps someone! Please message me questions or comments! School is starting in a week and even though we have 1 last day of Family Vacay...this Momma had to do what she knows works! Sunday Plan and Prep - Getting My head in the Game so I can follow it's lead this week! Happy Sunday!

Note: Any Recipes that are not yet listed under Entrees or Mini Meals will be loaded this week! ;)

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