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Friday Meal Prep Tip

Friday Tip! . I was asked this question 🏼If I could give only 1 Meal Prep tip to help the week go more smoothly what would it be!? . That is a Very tough question for someone who has prepped for a long time, but honestly, my answer has always been the same! Cook up a bunch of lean Protein on Sunday so it's at the ready for meal building through the week! Whether this means, chicken, fish, eggs, quinoa - whatever you want, just make a bunch! . You can always build a meal as long as you have a source of protein! Simple or complex! It cuts down on my prep time BIG! I generally choose chicken and either toss it all in the slow cooker, pressure cooker or on the grill, because you can do a ton in a short amount of time. Carbs & fats tend to take much less prep time, especially if you stick to fresh fruits and veggies for your carbs and healthy fats such as nuts, avocado and healthy oils! . For me, protein is the building block, so as long as I have that, the other stuff is pretty simple. If I go to the fridge and I don't have an at the ready source of protein, I find it much more difficult to put something healthy together. If it's as simple as a small piece of chicken, half an apple and a few almonds - that is a 1 minute snack that takes 0 time when your protein is there! Make sense? Hope this helps!

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