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Chew on This - Trail Mix

Healthy Snacking for Big kids and Little Ones! ;)

Yes, I keep a GIANT bag of trail mix in the pantry all the time. ALL the time. Whenever I order my groceries, I have the items I like to include saved in my frequent items, and if I see one on sale, I add it. I keep a gallon sized bag filled with mix, which varies. I just dump in any new items and keep filling it!

It's awesome to toss into the kid's lunches, is easily accessible for snacks or when you are running out the door, and bags up as single serves for errands and such! When you max it out with nuts & chickpeas, it makes for a nice little zing of protein & fat! I like to keep mine 95% nuts but add more of the fruit for the kids! Keep in mind that dried fruit is higher on sugar than fresh, so I like to pari mine with something fresh! ;)

The kids love to help make it! And of course, anything they make, they like to eat! I keep a stack of small paper cups with it for easy dispensing and to limit portions! If I didn't, my husband would eat the whole bag as soon as I turned my back! haha...

It's great to take along on the run, add to lunch boxes or individual snack bags!

Note: When buying dried fruit or coconut, always look for the ones that don't have any added sugar!

What you need...

roasted chickpeas pumpkin seeds sunflower seeds coconut chips banana chips organic raisins golden raisins almonds dried apples walnuts pistachios macadamia nuts yogurt covered raisins yogurt covered pretzels dried blueberries dried cranberries white chocolate chips dark chocolate chips dried pineapple dried cherries Whole Grain Cereal sometimes I even throw in some dark chocolate M&Ms into the kid's mix for a little color!

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