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Apple Nachos

🍎Help your children learn about making good choices with respect to food and nutrition! Summer is a great time for splurges and lessons! . 🍏Fun Food can be the perfect way to help them along! This Tasty Treat served as a creative art and together time and as a healthy snack! This one is totally customizable and everyone is asking for it over and over! . 🍎Healthy Snacking at it's Best!!! Fun Family Favorite! I call them Apple Nachos, My Daughter Call Them Apple Cookies, call them what you want, but definitely give them a shot! . 🍏What you need...yield 8-12 "Nachos"

2 apples Nut butter of choice- we love Yumbutter


Dessert Hummus - Delighted by Dessert Hummus makes a Vanilla Bean & Brownie Batter . Toppings, think trail mix! Pumpkin Seeds Chocolate chips (we used minis)

Shredded Unsweetend Coconut Pecans Date pieces Raisins Dried Cranberries Granola Toasted Coconut Chips anything!! . I like to arrange all the toppings for the kids in buffet form! I feel like they usually try more things this way and fill their plate too! . This is SO simple! The hardest part is forcing yourself to refrigerate them for about 30-45 minutes before enjoying them! They really are much better super cold and crunchy! . Wash and core 2 apples. Carefully slice them into medallions about 1/4" thick, some of mine were a little less! Spread them with a nice sticky layer of almond butter or peanut butter! Then add toppings! The more the merrier! Pop into the refrigerator for about 30 mites to chill! Enjoy! . Eer on the side of extra because they are THAT GOOD! 😍 . #summersnack #kidfriendly #snacking#healthysnack #fiitnutrition #crayzylife #nachos#teachinghealthyhabits #startemyoung #art #foodart

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