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The Slaw Factor - Keto & Paleo

We love Slaw. That's it. Cabbage is one veggie that all my kiddos will eat with no problem at all. I don't know if it's because I used to make theirs really purple with lots of red cabbage, because obviously 3 girls....purple food IS a selling feature. Maybe it's the sweetness or maybe it's because many times it comes alongside pulled pork, which is a fan favorite at our house too. Either way, this Super Simple Slaw is a winner for so many reasons! Not only is it the easiest thing to make, the variations are limitless AND cabbage is super healthy, making this a Win Win!

What you need...

2-3 cups of shredded green cabbage

handful of shredded red cabbage

shredded carrots (optional)


2 tbsp Primal Kitchen or other Avocado Oil Mayo

1 tbsp. vinegar (I like to use a little ACV & a little red wine vinegar)

1 packet Stevia or Sweet Drops to taste

(You can also use Honey if you are not Keto)

Whisk together or add to a clean jar or shaker cup and shake until blended, pour over the Slaw mixture and stir well to combine. This is best if made a few hours ahead. that you have the Basic Recipe, let's talk variations! As I said above, you can use Honey as your sweetener, I actually prefer it, but because it does create a glycemic response, when in Keto use Stevia instead! Buy pre shredded cabbage! I usually buy the green already shredded and then add my red cabbage or carrots to that! They make "Slaw Kits," sometimes in a pinch I have even bought the kit, tossed the dressing that comes in it and made my own!

Some Like it HOT! I like spicy everything, but the kiddos don't! This slaw is Amazeballs with Chipotle in Adobo added in; a little goes a long way, but sometimes I will serve theirs up and then add it to what's left! That addition isn't Keto, there's usually some form of sugar in the Adobo Sauce, but it IS really tasty! You can also do Chipotle Seasoning!

More Veggies? There are SO many veggies that work in this too! I have used shredded butternut squash, slivered onions, thinly sliced beets, jicama matchstix, carrots, cilantro - Lord help me, I LOVE Cilantro and will put it into anything! ;) And APPLE!!! How have I waited until the end of this post to remember the apple? That's truthfully how the kiddos like it the best. Thinly sliced and then cut into matchstix, Apple Slaw! They love it and it pretty much pairs well with anything. So, there you go, now go forth and make slaw, go Wild and let me know additions you make!

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