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Stuffed Sweets

Wait what!? Delicious little breakfast or snack stuffed right into a sweet little package! 😉

I baked up these Sweets in the Instant Pot! Simple add a steamer basket or trivet to the Instant Pot, 1/2 cup of water and select manual for 15 minutes! These were small to average sized, for larger potatoes add about 5 minutes of cook time to ensure they are steamed through the center!


I immediately popped these into the oven on 400F to crisp up the outside so they could actually hold the filling! Once they were firm on the outside, about 10 minutes turning once, gently slice them in half and scoop out enough to make a well in the middle! Reserve the meat removed to add to other dishes, I pair ours with some eggs and veggies for additional meals! Then add in 1/2 link sliced chicken sausage, a few peppers and scallions, and pout in egg whites to fill. Return to the oven, gently, and bake at 400F until set or about 20 minutes!! The options here are really endless, Paleo and Whole 30!

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