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Veggie Wraps

Last week I finally caved and ordered the Kitchen Veggie Cutter attachment that I had been stalking on Amazon for months. At first I wasn't sure that I could think of enough uses to justify another small kitchen appliance, but as soon as we started playing around with it....all kinds of amazing Ideas started flowing! Not just for me but the kids too! It was really awesome the way that this little gadget helped to generate lunchbox and snack ideas for them! And of course, most of the time if they come up with the idea, you know they will eat it!

The Veggie Sheet Cutter attaches to any Kitchenaid Stand Mixer and cuts vegetables or fruits into sheets, for 2 options of thickness. The vegetables must be no longer than 4.5"long and 5" thick or round. Two spindles and a skewer hold the vegetable secure, so there must be a firm core to keep it in place. Cantaloupe was a fail, but we did manage a couple of kiwis! Vegetables with a consistent thickness work best, so cucumbers, zucchini, apples, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, etc.

We've made everything from Sweet Potato Chips, to Apple/Turkey/Cheese Roll Ups, Sweet Potato Enchiladas, Apple Nut Butter Sushi and SO many Veggie Wraps for lunches and snacks! The options for wraps are LIMITLESS! This allows you to get a plateful of Veggies all in one little wrap, All RAW, and easy to take on the go! You can add Chicken or Tuna, Hummus of Vegan Kite Hill Cream Cheese, or just go with straight Veggies!! Highly recommend!

(Pictured Upper Right) This one is Zucchini & Watermelon Radish Sheets, lined with Red Bell Pepper, Roasted Red Pepper Hummus, Romaine Lettuce and a bit of Feta Rolled Up! You could always add Grilled Chicken or Tuna to this one!

(Pictured Right) This one is Cucumber Sheets Filled with Spinach, Apple Sticks and a Tangy Chicken Salad! Shredded Chicken + Honey & Apple Cider Vinegar Whisked together and mixed into the Chicken! Super Simple!

(Pictured Left) These Wraps are my Husband's Favorite! Like, he requested them everyday he likes them so much! ;) These are Zucchini & Watermelon Radish, Red Bell Pepper, Snow Peas, Roasted Red Pepper Hummus, Spinach & Grilled Chicken. They keep well for 2-3 days. I wrap them in parchment paper, then plastic wrap tightly and send them to work!

Sweet Potato Chicken Enchiladas in the Making! You can fill these Sweet Potato Sheets with anything you like, roll them up and bake them until tender! Fill them with Rice and Beans if you want to keep it Vegan!

This certainly makes it easy to get in the cleanest, most fresh, non processed ingredients across the board! It's a complete Hack for Whole 30, Gluten Free, Clean Diets!!! It has definitely helped to get more veggies in our diet!

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