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Chicken Fajita Salad

Taco Tuesday went down with a little Chicken Fajita Salad!

Look at all those colors 🌈 This is exactly why I Meal Prep! . Spicy Chicken Grilled up along with the purple onions, while the Peppers & Mushrooms roasted in the oven during Sunday Meal Prep! That simple prep made this plate of Amazingness take about 2 minutes!!! . I was planning to make Chipotle Avocado Ranch, but ran out of time so I grabbed a clean store bought and cut it 1/1 with Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar! You can also cut your dressing with water! . Grilled Chicken 👉🏼 ACV + Dijon + Balsamic + Ancho Chili Powder + Red Pepper Flakes

This was so fast and easy, amazingly delicious and that whole plate of veggies is still low carb because all of them are low on the glycemic scale! Nice right? Eat that Rainbow Baby!!!! . .

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