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Better Bean Cuban Beans - Simple Snack

Nachos Anyone??? Simple Snacking Nacho Fix with zero work or time other than slicing some peppers!! ❤️💚💛

All I did was slice some peppers and add some Pico and bam, perfect snack at the ready! I did make my own Pico during Sunday Meal Prep, but you could always use your favorite salsa! Talk about #easypeasy New Favorite Snack!!!

I'm completely obsessed with Better Bean Cuban Black Beans! These bad boys are amazing for so many reasons!

  • Non-GMO

  • BPA- Free Container

  • Pre-soaked for easier digestibility

  • Vegan

  • High Protein

  • High Fiber

They are at the ready, refrigerated and delicious! I like to add them to our GF Tacos, Cauliflower Rice + Pico, or just eat them alone with Late July Chia and Quinoa Chips! The kiddos love them as a dip too! Find them @WholeFoods in the produce section on the top shelf with the Hummus!

**Hot Tip**

Look for these on Ibotta App, they are frequently featured at $1 off and the Coupon # is limitless!

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