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Tasty Time Saver

Tis the Season for Busy Schedules and a lot of opportunity for overindulgence! A little bit of Meal Prep can go a really long way to help keep you and your nutrition in check this time of year! Here are 2 ways to get a lot of Bang out of a Little Time In!

1. Omelette Bar! Omelettes or Veggie Egg Scramble is such an easy and healthy meal for Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner! It only takes a few minutes to wash and chop up some of your favorite Omelette items to keep on hand for a quick meal! With the Veggie Prep Work already done, a delicious, Protein Packed & Low Carb Scrambled Mini-Meal or Lunch takes minutes! Not to mention, who doesn't LOVE Breakfast for dinner on a cold night!?

2. Prep Your Protein! Protein is usually the macro that takes the most time to prepare! But, it's much easier to build a macro balanced snack or meal when you have your protein at the ready! If you have a lean, clean protein on hand, you can always add a fruit or veggies + avocado or nuts to build out a quick balanced meal! So, this week I stockpiled tons of Greens, Fruit, Nuts and Shake Options and concentrated on whipping up some protein building blocks!

In under an hour I knocked out some boiled local shrimp, Tuna Salad, Simple Chicken Chili, Balsamic Grilled Chicken, Hard-boiled Eggs, my Pico Ritual of course and a few to-go mini-meals with Gilbert's Chicken Sausage! This are a go-to for me because they are Nitrate free and individually packed, plus they pair well for an easy protein. I can grab a link and send it to work with my husband with a piece of fruit! ;)

I am also obsessed with these Cuban Black Beans by Better Bean Company! Slow cooked, BPA Free Container, ready to rock beans from the produce section at Whole Foods! They are packed full of super stuff and take zero effort, not to mention Delish!

My Dinner Menu this week-

🍳Monday 👉🏼 Breakfast for Dinner Omelette Bar🌮

Tuesday 👉🏼 Chicken or Shrimp Tacos/ Taco Salad

🐪Wednesday👉🏼 Chicken Chili 🥗

Thursday👉🏼 Cobb Salad w/ Primal Kitchen Dressing

So many snack options with the Tuna, Eggs, Chicken Sausage, Greens, Fruit, Beans and of course any leftovers!

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