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15 Tips for the Holidays

I'm not really sure when "The Holidays" technically begin, but seeing that the kids are out of school 3 days next week, Thanksgiving is Thursday followed by Black Friday, our first Christmas party is next week and the dominos have already started falling....I'm going to say the Holidays have arrived! Tis the season for a little more indulgence than normal, a ton of GO GO GO, less time, more to do and added stress that can cause you to cave! So, here are my 15 Tips to Stay Healthy through the Holidays!

1. Pack provisions - never leave the house for an outing, a shopping trip or errands without a balanced snack in case of you get held up - it's inevitable!

2. Guzzle - Drink your water! It will keep your system moving, flushing and many times will keep you from overindulging! Aim for 1 gallon per day and track it! If you are consuming "spirits" this is even more imperative!

3. Don't skip the Gym - keep that program rolling and don't compromise consistency! You will feel better about yourself for making it a priority!

4. Grab an Accountability Partner or Community to keep you in check! As humans, we are way more likely to push ourselves when we are held accountable to someone other than just ourselves - plus you'll be helping someone else to do the same! ;)

5. Have fun! The Holidays can be so stressful with so much going on! Take time out to laugh and play; do some silly things with your family that help you not to take it all so seriously, but instead breathe in the Reason for the Season!

6. 80/20 Rule! Challenge yourself to maintain 80% good food choices to your 20% festive food & beverage!

7. Stick tight to your nutrition through the week if you know that the weekend is packed with parties! Keep a simple food/beverage log. Sometimes when you see it on paper you realize where your errors are!

8. Make a plan! Failing to Plan is planning to fail! Plan your menus ahead or at least make sure you have some healthy go-to meals on hand! Plan your workouts and schedule time for the things that are important to you!

9. Don't let yourself get empty! Fuel yourself with balanced nutrition every 3 hours! People who get empty tend to overindulge!

10. Remove the empty calories everywhere you can! Soda, Candy and Alcohol add up FAST!

11. Take the Long way! Park further out in the lot, take the stairs, keep moving at get togethers instead of parking yourself somewhere!

12. Back away from the Buffet! So many social events... and many of them set you up to fail! Those spreads of heavy hors d'oeuvres that beckon to you to have one more! Don't graze - make a plate and back away!

13. Do Pre-game! Instead of walking into an event empty and victim to whatever is being served, grab yourself some healthy fuel before you go! This way, you politely partake, but don't eat the whole cake! ;)

14. Set goals! The human brain works more efficiently when it has a defined target to aim for! Setting goals or specific challenges for yourself will help you keep your focus!

15. Give! Don't forget about yourself! Too many of us tend to get so busy giving, going and doing that we forget to refuel our mind and hearts! Schedule time for yourself! You can't pour from an empty cup! Whatever fills you up, if it's quiet time, a soak, a pedicure, a walk - schedule time for you!

And 1 to grow on, Let it Go! Don't beat yourself up about not being perfect, move forward and use your mistakes as Reasons to do better!

Happy Healthy Holidays to ALL!!!

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