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Cranberry Compote

Cranberries! They start appearing around Thanksgiving, but there are So many health benefits to them; giving reason to keep them around for more than just Turkey Day!

🍊They pack a particular type of antioxidant that forms a barrier between certain cell walls and bacteria! Especially in the lining of the stomach, the uterine wall and even your gums and teeth! Hence, that sour pucker of the tannins!! 🍊Vitamin C 🍊Anti-inflammatory 🍊Great source of Iodine

So I know that everyone doesn't love cranberry sauce...but it's actually really good and good for you when prepared right! When the girls were babies, I used to make them cranberry applesauce all the was one of their favorites! This is pretty similar; a great compliment to your Traditional Thankgiving Fare, but can also go nicely with pork tenderloin or even stirred into Greek yogurt or smoothies!

What you need... 12 oz. Cranberries, washed the zest and juice of 2 Oranges 2 tablespoons honey

1 Apple, Peeled & cut into small pieces

Add all ingredients to a small pot, turn to medium heat. Cook for 5 minutes or until the Cranberries begin to pop and simmer, continue stirring until the apples are soft and the cranberries begin to look congealed. Turn off the heat and add to a glass bowl. Cover and refrigerate until cold. Serve room temperature. Yes, that is ALL! could always add a dash of cinnamon if you really want to amp it up!

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