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Zucchini Pasta Salad with Sausage

💚Packing in the veggies today with this Greek Zucchini Pasta Salad set off by a little Caprese Chicken Sausage! Seriously my new favorite combo!! .

Whipped up the big batch of Pasta Salad during Sunday Meal Prep! The thing I love about this pasta salad, besides it being absolutely fabulous, is that it paris well with SO many things! I love to add sundered tomatoes, tons of fresh herbs, a little flaked tuna or even Northern Beans for a Vegan dish!


Today I wanted something a little spicy and needed an extra pop of protein so 👉🏼Added 1 link of fully cooked Gilbert’s Caprese Chicken Sausage = Amazing!


Perfect little power couple and since these little babies are fully cooked and individually wrapped, this meal took me seconds to serve it and be this beautiful! ;) . .

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