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Saturday Soapbox Alert - Labels

🚨Saturday Soap Box Alert 🚨 . This is a perfect example of what makes me crazy about our food these days! Look closely at this label, what do you see!? .

There you are, browsing the frozen foods aisle, and see several lovely options for Riced Cauliflower, a fabulous health food, which we eat a TON of. But...notice the sodium content, the fat....take a look at the ingredient list! Instead of just plain riced cauliflower with herbs, they have added Cornstarch to this one. Cornstarch is a highly processed, high GMO product. While it offers zero nutritional value, it is used as a substitute for flour, but carries all the risks associated with GMO corn!! . I despise how careful we have to be when buying something that should be as simple as CAULIFLOWER!!!! It's a perfect vegetable, WHY tamper with it? Ugh....they do also make a plain one and Green Giant makes a Organic PLAIN Riced Cauliflower, super easy and NOTHING added!

Side Note: Beware of Cooking your Food in Microwaveable Bags! Please empty the contents into a glass container with a lid and follow the same instructions! Plastic + Microwave do not mix!

Stepping off Soapbox now!

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