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🚨Saturday Soap Box Alert 🚨 
This is a perfect example of what makes me crazy about our food these days! Look closely at this label, what do you see!?


There you are, browsing the frozen foods aisle, and see several lovely options for Riced Cauliflower, a fabulous health food, which we eat a TON of. But...notice the sodium content, the fat....take a look at the ingredient list! Instead of just plain riced cauliflower with herbs, they have added Cornstarch to this one. Cornstarch is a highly processed, high GMO product. While it offers zero nutritional value, it is used as a substitute for flour, but carries all the risks associated with GMO corn!! 
I despise how careful we have to be when buying something that should be as simple as CAULIFLOWER!!!! It's a perfect vegetable, WHY tamper with it? Ugh....they do also make a plain one and Green Giant makes a Organic PLAIN Riced Cauliflower, super easy and NOTHING added! 

Side Note: Beware of Cooking your Food in Microwaveable Bags! Please empty the contents into a glass container with a lid and follow the same instructions! Plastic + Microwave do not mix! 

Stepping off Soapbox now! 

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