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Sunday Meal Prep

Sometimes my Meal Prep is intense and sometimes it's pretty simple! It's a little time in, when I schedule it on my terms, and a lot of time back during the week when life is tossing me extra balls to juggle. Not to mention taking the time to plan ahead and prep healthy nutrition for my family gives me a pretty positive outlook on my week ahead!

If you want to get started and aren't quite sure how, here's a pretty painless starting point!

Simple Veggies tossed in Olive Oil and Roasted at 425F for about 25-30 minutes or until fork tender, paired with your choice of proteins! This week I used Gilbert's Sausages in Aloha, Caprese and Kale; and Sautéed Ground Turkey to create 6 snacks or mini-meals at the ready for grab and go! However, they are also amazing in omelets or simple alongside a couple scrambled eggs!

I tossed 5 Organic Chicken Breasts into the slow cooker, plain, for about 3 hours, then shredded in seconds. For Chicken Salad in the kids lunch boxes & Spinach Green Chili Enchiladas for dinner. Meanwhile I sautéed up 2 lbs. of Organic Ground Turkey to pair with the veggies & mix with marinara to stuff into Zucchini Boats for snacks, for Stuffed Eggplant, Siete Taco "Pizzas" (both recipes to be loaded this week). Then just baked off the zucchini boats at the same time as a batch of Cauliflower Buns, all while I made the kids lunches. Why the buns, because....well....I LOVE them! They make me happy! ;) Those are totally optional.

The point is, I roasted Veggies, Slow-cooked Chicken, Sauteed Turkey and sliced some Gilbert's Sausage. This gave me 10 mini-meals and 3 dinners (really endless options with the Protein already done), and was very little work. You don't have to prep every single meal, but start with 2 or 3 and see how much impact it has on your week!

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