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No Banana Left Behind

🍌No Banana Left Behind!🍌 My kids won't eat the slightly turning banana, but these little guys will live to see a better day! Even the mushiest banana is Marvelous right out of the freezer! Bananas are an amazing natural sweetener for all kinds of recipes! What will their futures hold, you say? Maybe Protein Packed Banana Ice Cream, Maybe a Banana Nut Smoothie, maybe Brownies Sweetened with Banana, Maybe some WILD idea that strikes me in my sleep...who knows! If you peel them up, break them into pieces and freeze them...they ready and waiting for whatever comes your way!!!!

Banana Ice Cream

3 frozen bananas

3 scoops vanilla protein shake

1/4 almond milk

Blend until smooth! You can also toss in a few frozen strawberries for Strawberry-Banana! ;)

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