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Pressure Cooker Saves the Day - Chicken Marinara

🤦🏻‍♀️When your whole day goes completely off track....Pressure Cooker to the rescue!!! . 😉 I did add a chopped zucchini for some extra veggies; otherwise this is it! . What you need... 2-3 chicken breasts 3/4 - 1 jar Organic Pasta Sauce 1 zucchini, chopped 1 box Gluten Free Pasta of choice . optional: fresh oregano, chopped & provolone 💛 . Add chicken breasts, pasta sauce, zucchini & 1 tbsp. oregano to the pressure cooker. Close valve to sealing and adjust Manual to 12 minutes. GO! . Meanwhile, boil pasta, cut out provolone hearts, fold a load of laundry, check homework 📚! . When timer is done, carefully release pressure, shred chicken using tongs and serve over pasta. Top with provolone hearts and remaining oregano! Boom! BIG hit! 🙋🏻 .

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