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Balance is Something You Create

Happy Wellness Wednesday!

When you think of Wellness what comes to mind? Wellness Wednesday take on a different meaning these days. I try to take the time to really stop and think about that regularly as a self check. What does it takes to achieve Wellness?

While I thought that my journey to wellness started a long time ago, my journey to TRUE WELLNESS only really started a few months ago! For years, I have been fighting to get back to the body that I had pre-babies; I was fueling myself with pretty good nutrition, staying very physically active, but in many respects, was in survival mode in most other areas of my life.

While trying to maintain since of organization and "normalcy" in a household with 4 children under 2, 3 even 4 years old, I poured all that I had into only a couple of my "baskets." I wanted so desperately to feel better about my body that I forgot about where "feelings" come from. I was attending to the needs of everyone around me with just about all that I had. In the limited time that I could give to myself, I was so fixated on that physical part of me, I wasn't paying attention to what came from within. I neglected the many calls for help from my emotional and intellectual SELF; consequently, my self-confidence was spiraling downward and negatively impacting my social and personal fulfillment. The more I ignored, the worse I felt about my self. Neither Wellness nor Fitness comes from simply exercise & diet. It wasn't until I stopped feeling guilty about giving to ME, that I started my Journey to Wellness. By attending to the repeated calls from the places "nutrition" was missing from my life, taking time for personal development & chances for personal growth, making sure to recognize ALL the places that grace and gratitude exists, a BALANCE and better ME began emerging. This has been both a battle and an enlightenment for me, and I while I am certainly not perfect, have my bad days and get knocked backwards, but I strive to keep my focus and to help others figure out how to fill their tanks! You can always Give more to others, when there is more of YOU to give! So, I ask you to think of what Wellness means to you and what "baskets" in your life might have been calling out to you for more. True Happiness and Wellness is gained through learning to Balance and recognizing when you get out of Balance. "Balance is Not something that you Find, It's Something You Create."

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