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Rejoice, Reflect & Ready - Sunday Rituals

This is the Day that the Lord has made, let us REJOICE and be Glad in it!

"It's a New Week, God is doing new things! New Doors, New Breaks, New Blessings, Prepare Your Mind, Enlarge Your Vision" Take time today to Rejoice, Relax, Reflect, Recover, Restore, Refresh and Ready your Mind to Receive the week ahead!

What are your Sunday rituals?

What helps you Reset?

It's different for everyone, but I love a good run or intense walk to take time with my thoughts, my prayers and with God. This is my time to receive the world, give thanks and go over my prayer list. It helps me to release and ready my mind, then of course it's time to "get my head in the game" (check out the video) with my Plan for the Week Doodles and last I get my Meal Prep on. I love the satisfaction of a great Sunday filled with family fun, Reflection and accomplishment. Once my Sunday Meal Prep is complete, it's time for uninterrupted Family Focus! It fills me up to know that I am as ready as I can be for the week ahead; mind, body & nutrition, and that those prepations will help me stay on track, and gain me time back with my family throughout the week! Here we go!

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