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Online Grocery Shopping Saved Me

🛒‼️Online Shopping WHY! . Wouldn’t you rather get an hour of “fun” shopping or an extra workout than casing the grocery store? At first I was skeptical about someone selecting my produce & meats, but #myharristeeter definitely gives extra attention to their home shop customers! -you generally get the best of what they have! . Time I run short on time everyday! With online shopping I can fold that load of laundry when I would otherwise be searching! It keeps me from making multiple trips to the grocery store, driving, walking the aisles, waiting in line… I can start an order early in the week with things that I think of as time goes on, and then complete the order on Friday morning when the E-vic items come out and it’s ready for pick-up before the kids get out of school!

Money Less trips to the store, less impulse items in the cart! Online shopping, much less impulse items! Planning ahead = You throw away much less food if you plan and buy for those meals and nothing additional! You can shop the ads and use them to start your menu. If you sign up for the yearly subscription, the cost is only about $1.92 per week, and you are allowed unlimited orders! It saves all your past purchases, so you can shop directly from your frequently purchased items!

Calories I know that if I hit the store hungry, my cart seems to somehow fill itself with random stuff that I don’t need, and probably isn’t the best deal! If the Oreos aren’t in the house, you won’t eat them!

Convenience I can shop from my bed before I go to sleep and it’s ready for pick-up by 10am. You can send your husband on his way home from work Now there is an app for online shopping! I can sit in pick-up line and add things to my cart, and pick up my shopping when and where I have a minute! I keep an open order going in the app, so that when I think of something we need, I hop in and add it to my cart, so that I don’t forget about it between then and the rest of my day! Hitting the drive thru at Harris Teeter beats the heck out of taking 3, 6 month olds into the store…unstrapping, finding a cart and another apparatus, re-strapping, etc.

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