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Eggplant Pizza

One of our All Time Favorites! These are fantastic for Friday Night Pizza, but you can always cut them into discs instead of ovals and have little single size appetizers! ;)

Eggplant Pizza 1 eggplant, sliced lengthwise in 1" slices pizza sauce or pesto pizza cheese (I use fresh mozzarella) toppings: (whatever you like) spinach Roma tomato mushroom kalamata olives artichoke hearts uncured pepperoni


goat cheese

Endless options

Slice your eggplant up and lay the slices out on a paper towel. Sprinkle with salt and allow to sit for about 15 minutes. (If you are wanting this as a side dish, slice into circles instead of lengths.) Flip and repeat. Heat grill to high, burn off, turn down to medium and spray grill with cooking spray. Grill eggplant for about 2 minutes per side, long enough to get grill marks. Remove and cool. If you can't grill them, broil them in the oven turning after only a minute or 2, just barely drying out the meat. Place them on a baking sheet, spread pizza sauce or marina and top with cheese. Preheat oven to Broil. Broil eggplant until cheese is melted and toppings are toasted, about 5 minutes. But watch over them, broil can burn them up FAST!!!!

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