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Give Your Self a Little Love

Sometimes it's hard for Moms to fill their own tank when they are so busy filling other's tanks. I find that you give the BEST of yourself to those you love and those around you, when your own tank is Full! Love yourself, recognize what you NEED each day to be your ideal self and set your goals on that! I have struggled with this lately, and ran into several Moms yesterday who said the EXACT same things! It got me thinking! So, this morning when I got up, I made a list I am call My Daily Bread 🍞 - it is a simple list of things that I NEED to be me best self each day! Some of them are as simple as a shower, 😂...and some of them are as deep as having one good solid conversation of depth with another adult! 💞 Focus on what makes you feel good and what helps you to grow! 🌷Happy Tuesday!!!! Love your Self always, all ways! #prosperwithpurpose #loveyourself #fitmindfitbody #always #allways

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