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Sriracha Chicken Wraps

🌮Sriracha Chicken Wraps -> Awesome for Dinner or Mini Meals🌮 Y'all these are so simple my husband made the chicken while I was at the gym!!!! #nojoke#pressurecooker #13minutes 🌶You can use the Slow-cooker method -> 2-3 chicken breasts in the slow-cooker for 2-3 hours, shred with tongs!


2-3 chicken breasts in the pressure cooker, placed into steamer basket over 2 cups water. Pressure Cook for 13 minutes, natural release. Shred with tongs. 🌶2 cups Shredded Chicken + 1/3 cup Sriracha Sauce -> Stir to combine ->Bibb Lettuce + Sriracha Chicken + Topped with Sautéed Peppers and Onions 🥙And even better - you can add the peppers and onion into either the Slow-cooker or the Pressure Cooker right along with the Chicken! :) BOOM! This chicken is so easy and so delicious I think I'm addicted! Leftovers over a kale and toasted quinoa salad kit with Braggs Vinegar!

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