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Spicy Fish Tacos w/ Smokey Slaw

🐟Fish Tacos w/ Smokey Slaw & Fresh Pico Smokey Slaw 🌶2 tbsp. Greek Yogurt 🌶1 tbsp. olive oil mayo

🌶2 tbsp. red wine vinegar 🌶1/2 tbsp. honey 🌶1 tbsp. adobo sauce 🌶1 bag tri-colored slaw mix (shredded red cabbage, cabbage, carrots) Mix dressing in a clean jar or bowl (first 5 ingredients) Pour over slaw, stir well to combine Refrigerate until needed, best if made 2+ hours ahead Fish 1lb. flaky white fish (maui, sea bass or cod) juice of 1 lime 1 tbsp olive oil 2 tsp ancho chili powder Whisk marinade ingredients together. Pour of wash and dried fish, let marinade 15 minutes. Grill on hot grill 4 minutes, then flip for 1 minute. Remove. Serve on your choice of tortillas with Smokey Slaw Pico and Avocado! ;)


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