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Post Workout??

‼️After a good workout your muscles are broken down and in need of several necessary things to properly rebuild them! What rebuilds muscle 👉🏼Protein! Your body is 🔥up and at the ready to suck up some Lean Protein, but don't forget that you need a fast acting carb to 🚘 that protein where it needs to go!

. 🍠This is the best time for you to consume carbs that are a higher glycemic load, think sweet potato, 🍌, grapes or even natural sugars used in balanced protein shakes or clean post workout supplements! . 🥛This is one of the best times for you to use a properly balanced, clean protein shake because they are liquid and quickly/easily absorbed by your body, but also because they can contain a lot of protein without making you too full too fast!

. 💦But don't forget to wash it down with a good amount of water! Your body needs proper hydration to function at it's best efficiency levels, including strength, repetition and it's ability to use

that nutrition to it's best benefits! So make sure you are hydrating properly both during your workout and post! . 💪🏼This is also the best time to take your vitamins since your body is literally a ravenous, churning machine ready to use up everything you give it + your body needs essential vitamins and minerals to aid in rebuilding all the precious muscle you have worked so hard for! . 💪🏼So, don't skimp on your post workout and make sure you get it in within 30 minutes max of finishing your sweat session! Now, go kick some booty and refuel! Hope this helps! . #fiitnutrition #crayzylife #benefit #macros #postworkoutsnack#postworkout #protein #shakeitoff #primal #paleo #refuel #muscles

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