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Mango Magic

✨Mango Magic!✨ . ☀️When it's hot, there's nothing quite like a fruit salad to quincy your appetite and your thirst! And, it makes a simple and beautiful compliment to any meal! . Lately we have been Mowing Down some mangos around here! They are SO yummy alone and in so many recipes! But did you know this "King of Fruits" actually has some truly amazing healthy benefits too! Enjoy it alone, in fruit salad, Mango Salsa paired with Fish, Chicken, Pork or Quinoa, and even on Sweet Potato Toast! ;) . 💫Alkalizing to the body 💫Cleansing to the skin both internally and externally 💫High in antioxidants, particularly the kinds that have been shown to fend off several types of cancers 💫Help to lower LDL cholesterol 💫Because of it's lower glycemic index it's a positive fruit for diabetics 🙊High levels of vitamin E contribute to it's ability to stimulate your libido 💫Over 25 different immune boosting attributes 💫High Fiber, Vitamin A and Magnesium 💫Ayurvedic Medicine has long looked at the mango to help with Heat and Hydration issues because of it's body cooling effects 💫Calming to the tummy and digestive system 💫Helps to lower Blood Pressure . 🌿Did you know they are related to both the pistachio and poison ivy family? Weird right? Though a distant relative to the poisonous plant, the skin contains some of the same compounds and can cause an allergy, although these substances are not found in the fruit itself! . . #kingoffruits #mango #health #healthfood #healthbenefits #vitamina#crayzylife #fiitnutrition #fruitsalad #salsa #paleo #healing #ayurveda#alkalinefoods #cooling #wellness #beattheheat #hot #summer #cooloff

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