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Me in my happy place at the beach
Kids in the kitchen learning healthy habits
Protein Acai Bowl - Breakfast
Vegetarian Chili - Dinners
a week's worth of prepped meals for a family
Southwestern Sweet Potato Bread - Snacks
Kids Lunching - Mom Hacks
Quninoa Hash with Tomatoes - Vegetarian Recipes
Protein Shake Recipes
the feed

So this is actually a pic of my kiddos lunch! 😜 I try to keep their macros pretty balanced too while offering them things they love! Both of these are Fun Snack Options for you too! 
🍎 Almond Butter Apple Nachos - Wash and Core an Apple, spread with your...

Online Shopping - WHY!!!

I used to be that person who truly enjoyed going to the grocery store, walking the aisles, perusing the new items and deciding what was for dinner by grabbing whatever struck me at the moment....that was before 4 kids.  That does NOT mean that...

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