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Me in my happy place at the beach
Kids in the kitchen learning healthy habits
Protein Acai Bowl - Breakfast
Vegetarian Chili - Dinners
a week's worth of prepped meals for a family
Southwestern Sweet Potato Bread - Snacks
Kids Lunching - Mom Hacks
Quninoa Hash with Tomatoes - Vegetarian Recipes
Protein Shake Recipes
the feed

When 2 of my current obsessions merge to create absolute Magic!


Mango Sriracha Sweet Tater Toast


Sweet Potato Taost, spread with Roots Mango Sriracha Hummus + Tomato Slices and Mango Slices + A Dash of Crushed Chipotle Chilis


Find this NC Made Hummus @WholeFoods

Post Workout??

‼️After a good workout your muscles are broken down and in need of several necessary things to properly rebuild them! What rebuilds muscle 👉🏼Protein! Your body is 🔥up and at the ready to suck up some Lean Protein, but don't forget that you need a fast...

Starting my kids out with healthy habits and a positive understanding and relationship with food/nutrition is Super important to me!  Here is one way that we put their breakfasts, lunches and snacks together, especially during Summer! But,  it doesn't have to apply jus...

Curried Chicken Salad with Super Greens Sandwich! 

✨Wait, what!? Yes! BEST snack I've had in a while!✨

I had 2 cups of shredded chicken leftover from my slow cooker Sunday Meal Prep! So THIS is what happened, and thank goodness because it will be "happening" a lot more!...

Happiness is this afternoon #ahhhmazingness 😜
I could eat this Greek Zoodle Pasta Salad everyday!!! 


This pasta Salad is SO refreshing, filling, satisfying! It's perfect for backyard barbecues, parties and to take along for a picnic or boatnic! This is one of m...

🐟Fresh catch! 

Black Drum, caught by yours truly 😉, breaded with a mixture of coconut flour and flake, a little cayenne and pan fried in coconut oil!
Primal Slaw
Shredded Cabbage & carrot
🍯Dressing made with Primal Kitchen Mayo, honey, Braggs ACV
Mango Salsa

🍠My New Favorite - Southwestern Tater Toast

My love for Sweet Potato Toast is growing with each and every day! Why? Because it's freaking Ahhmazing, so easy, make ahead friendly and the possibilities are endless - sweet, savory, spicy!


To make the "toast" - Preheat to...

✨Mango Magic!✨
☀️When it's hot, there's nothing quite like a fruit salad to quincy your appetite and your thirst! And, it makes a simple and beautiful compliment to any meal!
Lately we have been Mowing Down some mangos around here! They are SO yummy alone and in so...

💜Finding YOUR Balance
I'm just going to say it...We ALL fall down - No matter who we are, we are imperfectly perfect! It's not about how far you fall or what knocks you down, but how fast you get back up! If you focus on your fall or your faults, they will Grow, but...

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Making Healthy Habits Fun & Family Friendly

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